1. Make sure switch is already configured with an IP address and is reachable within the network.

2. Make sure there is an account created with Privilege Level 15. (show users accounts

3. Caution: Before disabling either telnet or HTTP access, verify SSH or HTTPS access.

4. To enable SSH, enter the following commands

  • console(config)#crypto key generate rsa
  • console(config)#crypto key generate dsa
  • console(config)#ip ssh protocol 2
  • console(config)#ip ssh server

5. Disable telnet:

  • console(config)# ip telnet server disable

6. Enable HTTPS:

  • console(config)# crypto certificate 1 generate
  • console(config-crypto-cert)#key-generate
  • console(config)# ip http secure-server

7. Disable HTTP: 

  • console(config)# no ip http server


  • no snmp-server community
  • snmp-server group snmpgroup v3 priv
  • snmp-server user snmpuser snmpgroup auth-sha <AUTHKEY> priv-des <SHAREDKEY>